Our stylish DOUZE Cycles front-loaders, available in different frames and 3 lengths, are unique in their design.

They ride like modern high-performance recreational bikes thanks to the cable-steering mechanism that provides a stable and precise handling and a tight turning radius. The modular DOUZE Cycles split into 2 parts for easier transport.

We at DOUZE Cycles are constantly dedicated to meet the various and evolving needs of our customers by focusing on innovation and design. DOUZE Cycles cargo bikes are designed and assembled in Ladoix Serrigny close to the city of Beaune in Burgundy, France.

Innovation and Design

Quick-release splitable cargo-bike

Our innovative quick-release system allows you to separate the front from the rear frame in less than 2 minutes.

You can transport your DOUZE in the trunk of your car or on a bike rack behind it. Separated into two parts, your DOUZE is easier to store when not used on a daily basis. For different needs, you can change the frame! The 400 for instance could easily be replaced with the longer 800 frame in a couple of minutes.

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2X2 cable steering

DOUZE Cycles is the first manufacturer to sell cargo-bikes with cable steering. The advantages compared to standard cargo-bike steering systems (rod and ball ends) are undeniable:

Exceptional manoeuverability! A front wheel capable of turning 75° to the right or to the left will allow you to easily manoeuvre your DOUZE and make U-turns in tight places. Our steering cable allows deep and sharp turns without the danger of the rider toppling over. The ad-hoc sheathed cable that we have designed is capable of working under extreme weather conditions.

Customize your DOUZE, using our ONLINE CONFIGURATOR.
Select the shape of the back frame, the front frame length, your color, components, transmissions, send a quote request, save your ideal configuration, share configurations with your friends, and order your DOUZE.