Uses her cargo bike daily to get to work.

Oyester bag – Shimano Alfine 11
Brooks Saddle

DOUZE : Why do you use a cargo bike?

It was after I tried my friend’s DOUZE that I became interested in this type of bike. I am a teacher in a primary school and I regularly have to transport materials to and from the school. I’ve been riding a bike for a long time. The fact that I can transport everything is a real plus. Doing the shopping has become a pleasure. I have made many people jealous with my bike!


The thing that convinced me with DOUZE was the handling. From the first ride down the road, I felt at ease on this bike. The small frame is enough for everyday cycling and it’s easy to park in my local area on a bike. Next, I really liked the look, with the tubes and all the curves. With a BROOKS saddle, I was able to achieve that vintage edge that my last bike had.

DOUZE : Why did you choose to go without electric assistance?

I have chosen to go without electric assistance right now, as my daily route is flat. However I am using my bike more and more, further and further. I have begun to think seriously about the possibility of installing a motor. It could be a possibility to install one in the back wheel.