Versatile, comfortable and safe

With all the advantages to become your vehicle of choice, as a sustainable alternative.

A true rival to the car, the DOUZE G4 is your favoured ally for daily trips.
Thanks to its large, versatile platform, it is able to accommodate all types of equipment. Its suspended fork and reinforced frame provide unequalled comfort and road holding. Its pared-down design highlights the essential nature of the functions, with two types of frame: the Messenger with its high bar for a radical, sporty look or even the Traveller and its open frame for varied use and ease of mounting – everyone gets their choice. Its electric motor, flexible, long-lasting and powerful, will make you forget you are carrying even the heaviest of loads. This is your best tool for contending with the city or getting away from it all on country roads in total safety.

Versatility in all conditions

The DOUZE G4 is equipped with large tyres, which are hard-wearing and easy to ride. Its raised ground clearance provides it with total threshold crossing, so nothing can stop it. Cycling in town, in the suburbs or if you want to go off the beaten path, you can ride on all types of terrain of your own free will. Its long platform accommodates a wide variety of goods, such as wooden or aluminium planks and various containers of different types.

One cargo bike for multiple uses: carrying around shopping, taking the children to school with their satchels, moving heavy loads around, bulky parcels, moving house and even going on travels… anything is possible! Whether for family or professional use, the DOUZE G4 has been designed for your satisfaction. Whether for the sportier among you, or those who choose a gentler way of getting around, the riding position will suit everyone.
There is no longer any debate between using the car or the bike, as the DOUZE G4 is the answer!

Comfort and safety with no compromises

DOUZE Cycles has chosen the best components to equip the DOUZE G4 with powerful and advanced brakes, making it extremely safe, even on wet roads. Approved, high-performance and self-governing lights allow you to see and be seen. Well protected by wrap-around mudguards, fitted with a durable chain guard, the weather is no longer any hindrance to getting around.
With its robust and very effective front suspension, the comfort of the cyclist and passengers is impressive, which is an undeniable advantage. Fitted with ergonomic handles and height-adjustable stem, anyone can alter the settings, according to their body shape and habits.
Electric, of course, the DOUZE G4 motor allows you to forget about sharp inclines, the weight being transported and allows you to arrive at the other end refreshed. Its widened kickstand offers complete stability while loading. Thanks to the integrated footplate (on the Black Box and Eco Box), children can mount and dismount from the compartment completely independently. Trialling a DOUZE G4 is a unique experience, where confidence, comfort and safety are combined without equal.

Anti-theft device supplied with the DOUZE G4

Exceptional handling

The steering via cables developed by DOUZE Cycles offers unparalleled handling. Flexible and precise, it allows on-the-spot turning of the bike. Whether to manoeuvre, park on a pavement, do a turn or negotiate the chicanes on cycle paths, you get the impression of riding a conventional bike.
Regardless of being empty or heavily loaded, steering remains intuitive. You will be surprised at how easy the DOUZE G4 is to steer.
This innovation, exclusive to DOUZE Cycles, is very highly developed, being designed to last. To ensure full safety, the cables are made-to-measure and doubled on each side.

One frame for all



This open construction allows ease of access, when mounting or dismounting from the bike very quickly. The lower tube also has a greater number of uses, whatever may be the cyclist’s habits. Long dresses are allowed!

High-performance motor

The DOUZE G4 is equipped with electric assistance. This progressive and powerful motor takes the strain out of pedalling and makes you forget any weight being carried on your cargo bike. With greater ease when moving off and dealing with inclines during your journey, it extends your possibilities during trips. With so much independence at your hands, you will never run out of energy!

The BROSE Drive S, manufactured in Germany, is one of the quietest motors of its kind. Specially developed programming in collaboration with BROSE delivers assistance in proportion to your effort.
The high capacity battery provides you with enormous independence of up to 100 kilometres. The display shows you the level of assistance and remaining power in a clear manner.

Marquardt Display

– Compact display
– 4 levels of assistance
– On/Off switch for lights
– Battery charge level
– Joystick for menu access
– Current speed display
– Remaining power display
– Battery level display


– 36V/15.5Ah/635Wh
– 18650 Li-ion graphene cells
– Protection rating: IP64
– Capacity checks: 4 LEDs
– Locking system: by key
– RoPD connector (magnetic)
– 5A charger


– Coupling max. 90Nm
– 250W nominal
– Assistance up to 25kmph
– Classified as an Electric Bike (EB)

A suspended fork making all the difference

In order to provide the person steering and the passengers with absolute comfort, the DOUZE G4 is supplied with a front fork with considerable clearance. Of a size to handle most tests, it counteracts unevennesses in the road. By pre-stressing, you can adjust its function, according to what is being transported. It can even be locked for extreme conditions. It provides a better grip of the front wheel, so that it does not glue itself literally to the road surface. The G4’s fork requires no maintenance for trouble-free running…


– 80mm stroke
– Plunger diameter 30mm
– Spring + elastomer

Superlative transmission


Dérailleur 1X9 speed SRAM

The rear dérailleur, SRAM X5, is the benchmark, displaying excellent performance.
Resting on an ultra-light chassis with an aluminium clevis, this 9 speed dérailleur uses the renowned 1:1 technology, which demonstrates great simplicity of adjustment and reliability when faced with any challenge. It also benefits from the Direct Route concept, ensuring direct and quick activation of the mechanism, for greater precision and reduced friction when changing gears.


Enviolo Sportive Groupset, speed on the go

Enviolo speed regulators are revolutionary. This hub with its progressive and linear gear change mechanism brings with it a new level of comfort in use. You will find the best transmission ratio, without indexation, to pedal at the proper rhythm without getting tired. Its structure has been reinforced and its wide range of uses is perfect for use with cargoes. The intuitive joystick allows gear changes, even when stationary. To try it is to buy it, as you will never want to do without it again.


Aluminium 7005 T6
Matte black – Powder coating
Suspension fork


Rear hub
135 mm – 36H – 10 mm Axe – Black
Front Hub
100 mm – 36H – Axe QR 9 mm – Black
20″+ 26″- 36H – Double backed aluminium – Black eyelets
AV-AR hydraulic disc brakes -180 mm
Stainless 60 mm- Powder coated
Rear 26′ + Front 20′
Steering system
2X2 cables + KEVLAR outer cable
Steering column
Adjustable without tools- Easy-up (H95-105)
1″ 1/8 semi integrated
sport – 640mm
D1: 28.6 – D2: 31.8
400 mm
Seatpost clamp
Aluminium- VP 469
Axle front/rear
2 X anti-theft axles or 2X quick release axles
Speed gearing
SRAM XSerie 9 speed exterior derailleur (11-32)
Enviolo Sportive groupset
Crank set
Brose FSA
TAYA Nove DH 1/2”x3/32”
B&M Lumotec + TOPLIGHT Small