Our Story

The 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference was the catalyst.

After having won the first prize in the Copenhagen bike share design contest with his project MyLoop, Thomas began designing cargo-bikes. After months of hard work he created the first prototype for MESSENGER V1 in Belgium. DOUZE Cycles officially launched when the website went live on the 12th December, 2012.

A new connection

It was at the PARIS CARGOBIKE FESTIVAL 2013 that Thomas met Bruno. They were equally passionate about bikes and shared a vision for sustainable mobility. Their project for a French cargo bike was taking shape.

Thomas, with more than ten years of international experience in industrial design, and Bruno, with a degree centred around photography and communication, formed a complimentary partnership. Along with Hervé and Yves, the DOUZE Factory completed its first creation in 2014. Together, they finished the MESSENGER V2, integrating two major innovations : the rapid separation of the frame and cable steering.

The new cargo bike was then revealed at the BERLIN BIKE SHOW in March 2014. This was the moment DOUZE launched with the grand public, professional cyclists and admirers of beautiful mechanics.

The DOUZE Factory

Little by little, the DOUZE team is getting bigger as developments continue and production intensifies. In 2016, convinced by the quality of the products and the inevitable future of cargo-bikes, Michèle, Ariel and Francisco joined the adventure as shareholders. All sharing the same ambitions with passion and energy, DOUZE is now a major player in cargo-bike culture, with an ambition to influence the positive and sustainable evolution of ACTIVE TRAVEL. The team at the DOUZE Factory is passionate and proud of their work which promotes a CREATIVE FUTURE.


Innovation and Design

DOUZE Cycles embarked on this incredible adventure because we are convinced that we can innovate in the unique sector of  cargo-bikes. Our design is not only an aesthetically pleasing with its soft lines and curves, but also has quick and smooth handling.

We have designed the MESSENGER and TRAVELLER models with your daily trips in mind. Our models are extremely easy to use, without compromising style or quality; our components are the most successful on the market, guaranteeing your security and great performance.

Design and Assembled in France

We have chosen to base our production in the heart of Bourgogne, close to to Beaune and Dijon. Situated between Lyon and Paris, our ‘crossroads’ strategy is to connect the principal axes of neighboring countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

We are proud to export our cargo-bikes, which are designed and assembled entirely in France, to all corners of the world.


Grégory PIGIER

Help My Bike

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